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S1.E3 The Pilot

Del Presents Manik Mondaze

The pilot for Del Presents Manik Mondaze has been greenlit. Del the Funky Homosapien has invited his grade school friends and other artists to his Funk Lab Studio.

Del Presents Manik Mondaze is an exciting online web series that transports viewers into hip-hop and funk. Hosted by legendary rapper Del the Funky Homosapien, the show brings together a diverse mix of talented individuals from different backgrounds to collaborate and create exceptional music.

The pilot episode showcases the essence, creativity and energy of Del's Funk Lab Studio. This is where musicians, beat-makers, and artists in general come together to share their passion for music and collaborate. Del's unique vision and talent for bringing together unlikely musical partners makes for a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.

The pilot features a wide range of talented individuals from various walks of life. Del's grade school homeys bring nostalgia and camaraderie to the show. Members of Hobo Junction bring unity, while newcomers and music industry vets have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The highlight of each episode is the collaborations between Del's special guests. From unexpected pairings to electrifying performances, each episode is an unforgettable and captivating musical experience. Viewers will be treated to a diverse range of genres, styles, and combinations, showcasing hip-hop and funk's dynamic nature.


DeL Presents
Manik Mondaze Video
Manik Mondaze is a weekly collaboration series for 2024, recorded in Richmond, CA at the Funk Lab.