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The Freshest Kids: The History of the B Boy (2002)

Includes Manik Mondaze cast member Baslonious.Funk

"The Freshest Kids" brings to you the illest B-Boying this planet has ever witnessed. Over two hours of hardcore breaking gives you an all-access pass to the underground world of B-Boys spanning the last 25+ years. See and hear the early history via rare archival footage and exclusive interviews with The Nigga Twins, Spy (the man with 1000 moves), Rock Steady Crew icons Crazy Legs and Ken Swift, The New York City Breakers, Mr. Wiggles, Styelements (Baslonious.Funk) and the world's most innovative B-boys of the next generation along with hip-hop legends Kool D.J. Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, Mos Def and many more as they come together to reveal for the first time the most comprehensive history of B-Boying, its evolution and its place within hip-hop culture and beyond. These are The Freshest Kids and this is their story!

Cheat Code: Baslonious.Funk appears 48:56,1:00:37, 1:03:19, 1:05:19 & 1:15:29


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Manik Mondaze Video
Manik Mondaze is a weekly collaboration series for 2024, recorded in Richmond, CA at the Funk Lab.